September 25, 2009

A Pseudo Introduction

I am inclined to say very little about myself. There are two principal reasons for my reticence. First, I have come to many conclusions that will doubtless offend some people. While I personally can live with the consequences of this, I do not care to have my family become the subject of threats from any loose cannon who happens to disagree with me. The world is amply dangerous enough. Second, my intention is to write about ideas which will, I hope, stand or fall on their own merits. This is not Facebook; my identity is not the message.

My intended areas of exploration are at best philosophical and at worst political. Living in America, I am likely to address American politics occasionally, probably from a sociological or historical perspective. For the record, I neither love nor hate America, nor do I love or hate any other country. I am writing to you with the sincere hope that you are a rational being. I am pretty much indifferent to your nationality, ethnicity, gender or even species. If you can read and think for yourself, and if your paws have sufficient dexterity to operate your computer, I am honored to have you as my audience. On the whole, my philosophical interests are broader and more forward-looking than my political ones. I intend to add fairly long and well-developed articles on philosophical topics from time to time, and perhaps to rant about politics more frequently and with less rigor.

Time permitting, I am open to dialog. I will reply to criticism or anything else that seems to invite a reply. I appreciate comments, especially well considered ones. I will happily engage in debate so long as it appears that we are ultimately advancing toward some better understanding of the topic. I have no particular interest in mere intellectual jousting.

Thank you for visiting,

e.m. cadwaladr