August 21, 2014

Addenda to The Devil's Dictionary - No.1

A person famous primarily, and sometimes exclusively, for being famous.

Business usage
:  A predicament. (see: “Opportunity”)

A dimensionless and locationless region in which neither the laws of physics, the precepts of logic, nor the rules of etiquette apply.  Not to be confused with hell.

Echo Chambern.
Internet usag
e:  A region of cyberspace in which obviously intelligent people assure you that you have been right all along.

A patronizing term for the general public.  Often employed by the Harvard-educated celebrities Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly.

The victim of a lamentable historic event.  (e.g., All 2977 victims of the 9/11 attacks are often considered “heroes.”)

Business usage
:  A predicament resulting from the incompetence of a superior.

Politically Correctadj.
1.  Narrow minded in an upbeat, positive way.
2. – speech:  A mode of communication predicated on the belief that an all-natural byproduct of digestion smells better than shit.  The concept may have originated in Newspeak, a fictitious, artificially constructed language from George Orwell’s novel 1984.  The principle behind Newspeak was to mold behavior by eliminating the language necessary to express seditious ideas.  What one cannot think, one cannot do.

Press Secretaryn.
US Politics
:  A person employed to shoulder some of the burden of obfuscation for the President.

1.  A mythological hominid of frightening appearance and, usually, great size.  In the 19th century well-read children believed in trolls.  From the late 20th century on, poorly-read adults do.
2.  A person resembling a troll (e.g. a person who has spent a few years on the American diet).
3.  Internet usage:  An ignorant, boorish person who, on entering an echo chamber, refuses to make an echo.

(see: Addenda to the devil's dictionary no2 )

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